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Fourie Consultants is a professional construction consulting firm dedicated to providing construction estimating consultant services.  Being specialist construction management consultants allows us to extract the best value for the owner and project team.

Our construction consulting company believes that the best bid results come from competitive bids between educated and engaged subcontractors, on a well-coordinated bid document set, that has been designed to a realistic budget by a cost informed design team.  Our services are structured to deliver that.

Free Advice

Feasibility Stage

  • Establish realistic budget

  • Similar project cost benchmarking studies

  • A range of hard & soft costs

  • Site selection cost evaluations

  • Local market conditions

  • Project options evaluation

Program Budget Stage

  • Detailed Functional Program Area Cost Plan

  • Reconcile quality expectations with cost

  • Project options evaluation

  • Net-to-Gross floor area development

  • Functional Program revenue projections

  • Establish realistic local Construction Cost standard

Conceptual Design Stage

  • Detailed Concept Level Cost Plan

  • Construction Cost standard for renovation projects

  • Include & accommodate specialist budgets (equipment) 

  • Net-to-Gross Functional Area comparison

  • Concept options evaluation 

  • Cost reduction and value engineering work sessions

  • Subcontractor outreach and education program

  • Constructability comments, BIM implementation

Design Milestones

  • Detailed design milestone estimates

  • Cost reduction and value engineering work sessions 

  • Include & accommodate specialist budgets (equipment) 

  • Integrate with the design team 

  • Cost informed design

  • Track scope, pricing, and market material fluctuation

  • Reconcile with CM/GC estimates (if selected) 

  • Subcontractor outreach & education program

  • Design & Construction Schedule review

  • Constructability review & BIM implementation

Construction Document Stage

  • Continuation of milestone services

  • Collaborate with CM/GC (if selected)

  • Subcontractor coverage evaluation

  • Subcontractor constructability work sessions

  • Subcontractor specification review

  • BIM model clash detection

  • Bill of Materials

Bid Stage

  • Bid document review

  • CM/GC bid analysis

  • General requirements analysis

  • General conditions analysis

  • Independent subcontractor scope sheets

  • Final bid vs estimate reconciliation

  • Schedule of values review

Construction Stage

  • Payment application verification

  • Change order estimates

  • Change order validation

  • Allowance review and management

  • Contingency review and management

  • Project closeout

Construction Management

  • Opinion of soft costs

  • Design competition participation

  • Team selection assistance

  • RFQ & RFP writing

  • Scopes of work

  • CM/GC qualification review 

  • Construction management plan

  • Quality statement

  • Overall project schedule

  • Cash flow model

Professional Presentations

(CE Credits Available)

  • How to bid your project to budget every time!

  • Utilizing BIM for better bid results.

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