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Fourie Consultants, founded in 2018 by industry veteran Rick Fourie, has evolved from a cost consulting business into a specialized provider of comprehensive construction project management services.


Our expertise spans construction estimating, cost management, project management, and serving as an owner’s representative. Central to our approach is a steadfast commitment to accuracy, collaboration, and, most importantly, project success. This commitment has cemented our reputation as a trusted partner in the construction industry, capable of delivering complex projects on time and on budget.


With Fourie Consultants, clients benefit from our deep-rooted expertise in cost management combined with efficient project management practices. We’ve honed our experience on over 350 high-profile projects in 42 U.S. states and 10 countries across four continents. This experience ensures that every project we undertake is set up for success.

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We specialize in construction cost estimating and cost consulting, focusing on early and accurate budget setting to avoid overruns and project delays. Our detailed cost projections from the initial stages provide the foundation for design teams to develop projects that align with financial objectives and project requirements. This strategic financial planning ensures projects commence with a clear budget, fostering informed decisions that streamline project execution and enhance overall success from feasibility to completion.

 Building value through accurate construction estimating and cost management

Early Budget Accuracy

ensures that projects start with a realistic financial framework, aligning with your project goals.

Informed Design Decisions

provide design teams with the clarity to create projects that meet both requirements and budget while minimizing redesign.

Strategic Construction Cost Management

facilitates effective cost control from predesign through to completion.

Comprehensive Budgeting Services

cover feasibility, program budget, and conceptual design stages for thorough financial planning.

Customized Cost Solutions

that tailor budgeting and benchmarking to meet specific project needs and local market conditions.

Cost-Saving Strategies

identify opportunities for savings early in the design process, maximizing budget efficiency.

Effective Collaboration

among owners, architects, and teams for unified project progression.

Value Engineering Workshops

explore cost reduction options that don’t sacrifice design integrity.

Subcontractor Outreach

enhances bidding competition and secures accurate, project-specific pricing.



As your dedicated owner’s representative and construction project manager, we advise and support you in turning your visions into tangible successes. We can bring effective project leadership and expertise to every phase, helping to guide your project to achieve its envisioned outcomes. With our strategic oversight, we ensure seamless alignment between needs, vision, design, and execution, fulfilling your objectives.

 Maximizing project success with expert oversight

Strategic Project Advocacy

ensures comprehensive guidance from inception to completion, aligning with overall project objectives.

Expert Project Oversight

provides meticulous management and coordination, ensuring project milestones are met with precision.

Seamless Design & Execution

bridges the gap between creative vision and practical implementation for optimal project outcomes.

Dynamic Team Leadership

assembles and directs the ideal mix of professionals to meet project demands and enhance performance.

Proactive Risk Management

identifies and addresses potential challenges early, safeguarding the project's success.

Customized Project Strategies

adapt to the unique requirements and complexities of each project, ensuring tailored solutions.

Effective Stakeholder Communication

fosters transparency and trust, keeping all parties informed and engaged throughout the project.

Quality Assurance Measures

maintain high standards of workmanship and project delivery, exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Performance Optimization Techniques

leverage innovative methods and technologies to enhance project efficiency and value.

Comprehensive Schedule & Budget Monitoring

keeps projects on track and within financial targets, mitigating risks of overruns.

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